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You think having a baby is difficult? Remember when there were no diapers?

Posted at 17:00 August 29, 2012 in City

‘You know, we actually used these back in the day.’

A woman in her late 50s passes me by with his grown-up son holding a camera, trying to get a good picture of the items on display. Much like me, he’s having a hard time, because of the thick glass cases around them. As I try to find a good angle, I also try to imagine how these feeding bottles were used ‘back in the day’.

This is the old baby accessories exhibition held at the Trump Tower Shopping Mall in Mecidiyeköy. Besides the bottles, there are breast pumps, cribs, car seats, bath tubs and similar items.

Notice the discharge hole in the crib and the potty underneath it? There’s a ‘worst of times’ for you, right there.

You know the idiom ‘to be born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth’? The said silver spoons are also on display here.

Put together with the help of collectors from Turkey and abroad, the exhibition can be visited until September 6. Elif Ince

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