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Istanbul at its best

Posted at 19:00 October 24, 2012 in Arts & Culture, City, Food & Drink, Music

By metropolitan standards, Istanbul’s practically become a ghost town. If you’re among the ‘lucky few’ to be enjoying the city during the bayram holiday, we’ve got a couple of pointers for you.

It seems that the weather will be reasonably nice throughout the bayram so you can still enjoy a looong breakfast or two outside, preferably by the sea. You can walk around the city aimlessly and get lost in the streets of Balat or Kuzguncuk that you only know from Instagram photos but never had the chance to visit yourself. You can discover lost gems at flea markets or vintage stores. You can go on a ‘Mini Istanbul‘ tour, marvelling at these tiny beautiful shops. You can swing by Anadolu Kavagi or Rumeli Feneri for a brisk walk in fresh air followed by a fish feast by the Bosphorus. Bayram’s also the perfect time to visit those two museums you’re almost ashamed to admit that you’ve never been to, Miniaturk and the Rahmi Koç Museum (the first is open throughout the holiday; the latter is closed only on Thursday.)

If you’d like to catch up on your theatre-going, we’ve got 3 must-see flicks for you: Looper, an action thriller; Hysteria, a romantic comedy and The Angel’s Share, a heart-warming drama. Also, Mick Harvey at on the 25th and the Oldies but Goldies on 27th are two Babylon events that we strongly recommend.

We wish a happy bayram to everybody with their families and loved ones!

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