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Stock up on some extra oxygen

Posted at 16:56 April 6, 2012 in City, Food & Drink

It’s a good idea to let the fresh spring weather seduce you this weekend. Here are a few suggestions:

See Haliç from high above at Pierre Loti

Pierre Loti Kahvesi in Eyüp is a modest open-air cafe where you can enjoy a good cup of tea or Turkish coffee against the amazing Haliç view. Named after the famous French writer who frequented the place towards the end of the 1800s, Pierre Loti Kahvesi is a nostalgic, beautiful treat for locals and visitors alike. We know you love to sleep in during the weekend, but take our word for it: Pierre Loti is at its best early in the morning. A cable-car line connects the place to the Haliç shore; if you’re feeling playful, you can also try renting a water bike at the shore and going for a ride in Haliç. Gümüşsuyu Balmumcu Sokak 1, Eyüp


Stop and smell the tulips

Tulip season is upon us. Thanks to the Seventh International Istanbul Tulip Festival (April 7-29), 11 million tulips have been planted in parks and gardens all around Istanbul, all bursting with colour. Emirgan Park, Gülhane Park and Yıldız Korusu are some of the best places for absorbing the colours of the festival as well catching events such as art exhibitions and live music performances.

Discover the secret haven at Karaköy Balık Pazarı

The fish market at Karaköy is one of the most famous in Istanbul. Our suggestion, however, is hidden right past it. Walking through the fish market leads you to an open-air garden – a term we’re using loosely, since the place looks more like a tidied-up junkyard than a proper garden. This outdoor haven is shared by three simple fish restaurants, a couple of roosters pecking away at thrown-away cardboard and vendors selling desserts in push carts. But don’t be deceived by appearances. You shall soon thank the happy accident that led you here, a place which doesn’t offer more than a couple of wooden-tables in open air and a modest menu of a few mezes and fresh fish. Drinking rakı right by the sea has never been so deliciously, delightfully affordable.


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