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Wenders takes ‘Pictures from the Surface of the Earth’

Posted at 16:00 May 16, 2012 in Arts & Culture

The photograph exhibition of Wim Wenders, the legendary director of films such as The Million Dollar Hotel (2000), Wings of Desire (1987) and Paris, Texas (1984) opens tomorrow at Dirimart Gallery. Titled ‘Pictures from the Surface of the Earth’, the exhibition consists of photographs Wim Wenders has been taking on solo journeys of his since 1983. ‘I’ve simply a weakness for places,’ he says. ‘In the previous century, I would have been a travel writer.’ His fascination with places and spaces are transferred to his photography: he traces creations by natural processes or by human hand while exploring notions of space, emptiness and transition, all prevalent notions in his films.  If you enjoy his sense of photographic aesthetic in film, say, the vast emptiness of Berlin in the Wings of Desire, you’ll enjoy his pictures, too.

17 May -16 June

Dirimart Gallery

Abdi İpekçi Caddesi No:7/4 Nişantaşı 

Tue-Sun 11.00am – 07.00pm

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