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Witness a star being born: young violinist Emre Engin to play at Istanbul Music Festival

Posted at 16:00 June 4, 2012 in Music

Nevra Nergiz speaks with the young violinist Emre Engin prior to his performance at the Istanbul Music Festival. He will be performing at the Sureyya Opera House on June 15 at 20.00. 

This a very good project for encouraging young people to taken an interest in classical music. As part of the project entitled ‘Istanbul Music Festival in Search of Its Young Soloist’, violinist Emre Engin was chosen from amongst young musicians pursuing their studies in Turkey and abroad. On June 15, he will join the Istanbul University State Conservatory  Symphony Orchestra conducted by Ramiz Malik Aslanov for a performance of Violin Concerto No. 3 by Saint-Saens.

Born in 1991, Emre Engin is currently enrolled in the Royal College of Music in London. He gave his first concert at the Cemal Reşit Rey Concert Hall within the scope of the CAKA project. He later went on to perform the world premiere of Gilgamesh’s Dream, a composition dedicated to him by the young, contemporary composer Mesruh Savaş. He was accompanied by the MIAM Chamber Orchestra under the conductorship of Cihat Aşkın. London premiere of the same piece took place at the Steinway Concert Hall in 2011. Right now, Engin is the concertmaster in a chamber orchestra in London by the name Explorensemble. He also gives performances with his piano-accompanied trio “Saubat”.

It made a huge splash when you were admitted to The Royal College of Music in London 2 years ago. How has it been going? Did the school meet your expectations?

Everything’s been really great. Ever since I began studying there, I’ve been constantly gaining new perspectives on life. The experience is a very enriching one. Every minute is spent with music. I’m always searching for ways to make better, higher quality music. The school has definitely met and in fact surpassed my expectations.

Everybody keeps asking you how you managed to do what you did at such a young age, but it seems to me that these things happen mostly at young ages, what do you think?

Yes, I totally agree. A person achieves many of his successes at a point in life when he’s strongest and most energetic. But at the same time, I feel like nothing is related to age; if you are truly devoted to your goals, you can achieve what seems impossible at any age. In my experience, faith, perseverance and hard-working are always very important and that stands true for any age.

Have you been following the Istanbul Music Festival? How do you feel, now that you’re a part of it this year?

Yes, I do follow the festival. Istanbul Music Festival has been giving us the chance to listen to outstanding musicians for such a long time. And now having been selected to perform at that very festival is so exciting. I hope I’ll be able to cater to the expectations of the festival audience.

How would you describe your music to someone who’s never listened to you play before?

I could say that passion and character are the two most important aspects of my music.

Which of the concerts in this year’s festival would you definitely not miss?

Those would be Anne-Sophie Mutter & Viyana- Berlin Chamber Orchestra Concert and the Çellistanbul & Pervin Çakar performance. But due to prior engagements in London, unfortunately I’m going to miss the first one. Nevra Nergiz.

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