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Saving the bluefish: Istanbul celebrates its signature fish, lüfer

Posted at 15:00, October 18, 2012 in Food & Drink.

Now in its second year, the bluefish festival aims to raise more awareness on the wrongful fishing methods and overfishing which endangers the lüfer of Istanbul. Long-lasting efforts of Fikir Sahibi Damaklar, the Istanbul branch of the Slow Food Movement, have paid off when last year the government increased the minimum catch size of lüfer to 24 cm- a regulation still not observed by many establishments.

Here’s the full programme of the festival:

October 19, 2012, Friday

“İstanbul and its Fish”

Kadir Has University- Golden Horn Meeting Room/ 10:00 to 12:00

While tackling issues such as Turkey’s economic development, involvement of natural habitat in the economy, we will discuss where we are today and address the approaches and conditions for the future of our fisheries and fish in a panel discussion with participants from different view points.


“We do not buy, we do not sell!”

MSA – Beşiktaş/ 14:00 to 16:00

İstanbul’s leading chefs will share their experiences in support of the “Don’t Let Lüfer Go Extinct!” campaign, which led them to change their purchasing decisions, alter processes in their kitchens and communicate their efforts to their customers to ensure the sustainability of aquatic resources and the Lüfer’s extinction… A “professional” sharing to inspire everyone !


“İstanbul’s Fish Movies” Festival, 1st Day

SALT Beyoğlu – İstiklal Street/ 12:00 to 18:00


12:00 Mare Nostrum / Our Sea (2008)

A Q&A session with the film’s director, Ethem Özgüven, after the screening

13:00 The Last Shore (2008)

14:15 A Fishermen at Göksu (1975)

15:00 Being Fish (2012)

15:05 The Last Shore (2008)

16:30 Mare Nostrum / Our Sea (2008)

A Q&A session with the film’s director, Ethem Özgüven, after the screening

17:15 A Fisherman at Göksu  (1975)



October 20, 2012, Saturday

“İstanbul’s Biggest Lüfer” angling competition

Şair Nedim Parkı, Fener Lighthouse – the Golden Horn/ 08:00 to 11:30

This angling competition is open to all amateur and professional fishermen. The winner of the contest will get a “fish finder”. We will also have some surprises for professional and amateur fishermen ranking in the top 10.


“Mom, look! Lüfer!”

SALT Beyoğlu, Garden/ 13:30 to 15:30

“Defne yaprağı” is as big as a five year old’s handspan, “Sarıkanat” is as long as the mom’s handspan. Organized by İpek Kuşçu, also known as Miss Çilek, kids between ages 5-16 will learn about sizes of Lüfer, the fish’s migration routes, its life and its importance in our culture during this fun workshop.


“I Lüfer!”

Bilgi University, Santral Campus/ 13:30 to 15:30

Directed by the iDANS team, this workshop for kids between the ages of 10-17 will talk about the Lüfer, its size, shape, migration routes and sustainability by making a 3-D model of the fish.


Professional Fishing Forum Panel: ‘Lord of the Bosphorus’

Kadir Has University 405 Hall B block 4th floor, Cibalikapı – Golden Horn/ 13:00 to 16:00

In 2011, we brought together veterans who have witnessed İstanbul and the Bosphorous’ transition over the last 50 years. This year, we bring those living in today’s İstanbul on the sea to discuss whether we have a fish problem, and how overfishing and other environmental factors might be responsible for it.


October 21, 2012, Sunday

“İstanbul’s Fish Movies” Festival, 2nd Day

SALT Beyoğlu – İstiklal Street/ 12:00 to 18:00


12:00 Fishes of Bosphorus (2012)

A Q&A session with Burak Dal after the screening 

15:05 The Last Shore (2008)

17:15 A Fisherman at Göksu  (1975)

17:50 Being Fish (2012)

A Q&A session with Deniz Şengenç after the screening


Independent music, domestic film

Posted at 16:00, October 17, 2012 in Arts & Culture, City.

Here are two completely unrelated events, both celebrating the value of passionate artistic effort.

The first one is Bağımsız Festival, or ‘Independent Festival’ which brings independent musicians together for a week-long music festival at Kadıköy’s Dunia Bar, hosting several local alternative & indie bands every night until Sunday. Admission is 10 TL per night.

Oct 16: Ahmet Beyler, Marta, Drama

Oct 17: The Birdcage, Esas Çocuk, Ara

Oct 18: Nihil Piraye, Deli Gömleği, Rete Pegz

Oct 19: Eskiz, Düz Mantık, Kutu

Oct 20: Ars Longa, Sapan, H.İ.S.

Oct 21: Peygamber Vitesi, Burhan Özfaturalar ve Anal Ok Orkestrası, Umut Adan



The other one is Evcil Film Festivali, or Domestic Film Festival, a quirky little short film festival that’s accepting submissions until the end of this month. It’s organized by Moving Images Lab, which is part of SPACE, a platform based in Boston for international creative communication projects.

The submissions are supposed to be Istanbul-themed, 3-20 minutes long original works. Selected films will be screened in the homes of Cihangir residents on 1-2 December. So yeah, a limited number of people will get the chance to go to a complete stranger’s house, sit on their sofa with other like-minded strangers, watch festival submissions, and then discuss them. Hence the name ‘Domestic Film Festival.’ Isn’t it cool?

For more information and submissions, email the wonderfully weird people of SPACE at


Nils Frahm, his thumb, and other things

Posted at 16:00, October 16, 2012 in Music.


I slightly burnt my left thumb once while cooking. It barely caused a blister the size of, well, the tip of my thumb, but that was enough to render my left hand entirely useless. If you ever tried holding something with just the other four fingers, you should know what I’m talking about. (To further complicate things, for some reason I kept trying to protect my right thumb as well, involuntarily rendering my right hand useless in the process. What a nuisance that was.)

All this four-finger fun came back to me when I read about Nils Frahm’s accident.  A couple months ago, this 1982-born German pianist-composer fell from his bunk bed and ended up with a broken thumb. If missing a thumb for a while sucks for you and me, it must suck a hundred times more for a concert pianist. He had four screws surgically placed inside his thumb, and while waiting to get better, he recorded 9 little songs with his 9 good fingers to cheer himself up. (OK, maybe this story is no ‘Frida’ or ‘My Left Foot’, but I still find it inspirational.) Those songs, collectively and aptly titled Screws, can be downloaded here.

If you’d like to see what Frahm can do with his full set of digits, he’s performing two nights back-to-back this week followed by the Icelandic producer- composer Ólafur Arnalds and the collaborative project titled ‘A Winged Victory for the Sullen’, the brainchild of the American pianist Dustin O’Halloran and Belgian composer Adam Bryanbaum Wiltzie. So swing by Salon for a night of indie-electro-acoustic tunes this Friday or Saturday.

And always, always cherish your thumbs. Elif Ince 


Beyoğlu Bibliopole Festival

Posted at 10:00, October 13, 2012 in Genel.


Only in its sixth year now, the Beyoğlu Bibliopole Festival already feels like an Istanbul tradition. Each autumn, the city’s finest booksellers gather in a large open-air space and display their wares to interested passers-by. The 2012 festival occurs in the same place as last year’s, the empty lot in front of the Pera Museum in Tepebaşı. Between September 25 and October 14, the festival hosts 65 booksellers that beckon literature lovers with rare books and magazines, old maps, photos, engravings, films, letters and postcards.


Searching for a rare early edition of an obscure author? Try the antique book dealers. Trying to improve your Turkish but tired of boring textbooks? Find a Turkish comic book at one of the many comic collectors. Seeking a new poster for your walls? Browse the stacks of vintage theatre and film posters. Got the travelling itch? Sit by the map sellers and find the perfect guide for your next journey.


Aside from the rarest antique book dealers, most of the items are secondhand and thus very reasonably priced. Needless to say, it’s also the perfect occasion to get a head start on gift shopping for the holidays. Expect to spend at least an hour wandering the stalls – or longer if you easily get lost in books. There will be several auctions of especially fine collectors’ items, which should be an interesting sight even for those with no plans to buy.


Organised by the Culture City Foundation, the Beyoğlu Municipality and the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Beyoğlu Bibliopole Festival is one of Istanbul’s most memorable annual events for bookworms. It aims to raise awareness of the city’s vast array of booksellers and literary culture. This year, there are even rumours that the programme has been expanded to include discussions between readers and renowned authors and poets. So come ready not just to be entranced by literature but also to engage with it. Julia Harte


3 events to nourish your body *and* mind

Posted at 18:00, October 11, 2012 in Genel.

 International Body Music Festival (until October 14)

‘Enjoy your body, use it every way you can. Don’t be afraid of it, or what other people think of it, it’s the greatest instrument you’ll ever own.’

This bit from ‘Everybody’s Free’ (to Wear Sunscreen) is one of my favourite parts of the piece; it underlines one of those things that we intrinsically know but nonetheless need to be reminded of. The International Body Music Festival is in town to further remind us that our bodies are in fact the greatest instruments we’ll ever own. Join workshops and performances of dozens of body musicians from all around the world as they use only their bodies to perform rhythmic music; buckdancing, vocal bass, hambone, rumbatap to name a few.

Go here for more info about the festival. 


Mix Mondial Smirnoff – Masters of Cocktails (until October 18)

MixMondial Smirnoff is hosting the largest cocktail festival ever, with the participation of over 30 venues and special artisan cocktails prepared for the event.

Here are some of our favourites:



Juno Hayal Kahvesi

Nonbloody Mary Martini


Dream of Smirnoff


Jack Russell & Chapelle




Pink Spree

Gozo 28

And here’s the full list of venues participating in the festival. 


İstanbul Kadeh Kaldırıyor 7 (until October 14)

In its 7th year, İstanbul Kadeh Kaldırıyor once again aims to introduce more people to new grapes and new recoltes by making it possible to order from an extensive wine menu, not by the bottle, but by the glass. Taste Doluca’s velvety Cabernets and dreamy Merlots in select restaurants all over Istanbul, such as Gigi, La Brise, Topaz, Şans, Vouge, X, Da Mario, Ca’d’oro.  And keep in mind that good wine is wine that you enjoy best! Elif Ince

Here’s the full list of restaurants that participate in the event. 


Istanbul Fashion Week begins!

Posted at 11:00, October 10, 2012 in City, Shopping.

Even if you can’t snag a front-row seat, hold on to this page to make the most of this four-day fashion extravaganza!

Also check out our interviews with some of this year’s participants:


Günseli Türkay

Niyazi Erdoğan

Tuba Benian



Three things to do tonight

Posted at 17:00, September 20, 2012 in Arts & Culture, Food & Drink.


Nişantaşı’s cosy cafe/ bar Den is hosting a Goodbye Summer or a Welcome New Season party tonight, depending on whether you see the glass half-empty or half-full (or maybe they have a confused PR person. We’re not sure.) We already are a fan of their happy hours on Thursdays, so the chances are this one’s going to be good, too. Valikonağı Caddesi, Çiftçiler Apt. 12/1D, Teşvikiye. (0212) 224 24 70.


Midnight Cowboyzz

Concept store Midnight Express is hosting a photo exhibition/ party at Lucca beginning at 21.00. Cevdetpaşa Caddesi 51, Bebek. (0212) 257 12 55. 


Whiskey meets film

Fil’m Hafızası has definitely got us hooked. They continue their rooftop film screenings with a collection of short films showing at Topless Terrace tonight.  Now that they have Jameson Irish Whiskey as their main sponsor, expect things to get a little interesting. Here’s the list of tonight’s films:

20:00 Doors open


21:00 fil’m@9 collection (Part I)



The Incident at Tower 37

Love Does Grow on Trees

The Handless Pianist

To My Mother and Father


22:00 DJ Set


23:00 fil’m@9 collection (Part II)

Mourir auprès de toi


¿Te vas?

7:35 de la mañana

Mr. Foley

Paper Memories


İstiklal Caddesi Fitaş building No:12, Beyoğlu. (0212) 243 24 51.


You think having a baby is difficult? Remember when there were no diapers?

Posted at 17:00, August 29, 2012 in City.

‘You know, we actually used these back in the day.’

A woman in her late 50s passes me by with his grown-up son holding a camera, trying to get a good picture of the items on display. Much like me, he’s having a hard time, because of the thick glass cases around them. As I try to find a good angle, I also try to imagine how these feeding bottles were used ‘back in the day’.

This is the old baby accessories exhibition held at the Trump Tower Shopping Mall in Mecidiyeköy. Besides the bottles, there are breast pumps, cribs, car seats, bath tubs and similar items.

Notice the discharge hole in the crib and the potty underneath it? There’s a ‘worst of times’ for you, right there.

You know the idiom ‘to be born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth’? The said silver spoons are also on display here.

Put together with the help of collectors from Turkey and abroad, the exhibition can be visited until September 6. Elif Ince


Breakfast of champions

Posted at 12:00, July 31, 2012 in City.

Here at Time Out Istanbul in English, we just dedicated our August issue to profiling the best breakfast and brunch spots around Istanbul. And then it got us thinking. Amid all the Olympic hoopla happening these days, we began to wonder: What are the champions of this year’s Games eating for their most important meal of the day? It took some serious digging, but here’s what we came up with. Michelle Gross

  • Bryan Clay Bryan Clay Bryan likes his breakfast with a couple slices of bacon (extra crispy), maybe one egg over hard, maybe one egg over hard and a small bowl of oatmeal with a little bit of brown sugar and a small cup of orange juice followed by a bunch of coffee. Oh, Bryan Clay. You and your hard abs, ahem, I mean eggs.
  • Usain Bolt Usain Bolt After baby Bolt broke the 100-meter record in the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, papa Bolt revealed the secret for his son’s superhuman speed as yams, forever dubbing Usain “Lightening” Bolt as none other than "The Yam Man."
  • Victoria Pendleton Victoria Pendleton It’s no surprise that cycling’s golden girl likes her wholemeal toast topped with a bit of peanut butter and sliced banana. Have you seen that caboose? Enough said.
  • Scott Jurek Scott Jurek Boulder-based ultramarathoner gets his breakfast kicks from Clif Gel Packs. Side Note: Scott Jurek endorses Clif Gel Packs.
  • Sarah Storey Sarah Storey Jam sandwiches. Boring.
  • Ryan Lochte Ryan Lochte When he’s not eating McDonalds, this sexy piece dines on scrambled eggs, fruit and oatmeal. Be careful Lochte, nothing says bronze like scramby egg stuck up in those grillz.
  • Peter Vanderkaay Peter Vanderkaay 5-egg omelet with 2 ounces salsa; 2 cups yogurt with 1/2 cup blueberries and 1/2 cup granola; 16 ounces water. Nothin’ freestyle at the Vanderkaay breakfast buffet.
  • Nicole Barnhart Nicole Barnhart U.S.S Barnhart is all about the homemade smoothies. "I'll make a smoothie with pomegranate juice, coconut milk, frozen berries, bananas, peanut butter, flax seed and sometimes spinach,” Barnhart told
  • Natalie Coughlin Natalie Coughlin 11-time Olympic medalist/urban farmer/food lover/amateur photographer Natalie “Greenthumb” Coughlin likes to keep things fresh. Fresh kale, fresh spinach, fresh herbs (probably from her fresh garden) did we mention she likes things that are fresh? Hey, with a rockin’ bod like that, who can blame her?
  • Michael Phelps Michael Phelps We know, we know. But we’d be remissed not to include Phelps' infamous nine-zillion calorie fat fest including three fried egg sandwiches, cheese, lettuce, tomato, fried onions and mayonnaise; one omelet, a bowl of grits, and three slices of French toast with powdered sugar; and finally, three chocolate-chip pancakes for breakfast. Really MP, maybe you should consult fellow teammate Ryan Lochte next time you think about shoveling that bowl of grits into your mouth. He might have some pointers for you. Zing!
  • Misty May-Treanor Misty May-Treanor You would think that Misty May noshes on small children while acapella-ing to Queen’s "We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions" on repeat for breakfast. Who would’ve guessed that this buxom-beast actually likes Greek yogurt and a dollop of honey? Not us.
  • Marlon Devonish Marlon Devonish “I usually have breakfast at 8am. I start with a four-egg omelette with ham, cheese and spinach. My girlfriend sometimes makes it for me, but I can make a mean omelette. After my omelette I have a bowl of cereal – oat granola is my favourite and I have that hot.” Don’t mess with the Nish.
  • Markus Rogan Markus Rogan By now, word around Olympic town is that of Austrian grandstander Markus Rogan’s blood guzzling pre-competing antics. Obviously this guy's been watching way too much of the "Twilight" saga. Hey, maybe he should give that vamp tramp Kristin Stewart a call. We hear she’s easy.
  • Kerri Walsh Jennings Kerri Walsh Jennings When Kerri Walsh isn’t getting pieces of beach kicked in her face by fellow sand camel Misty May, she spends her time enjoying a healthy breakfast. “I've been eating multigrain Eggos with almond butter, agave [a natural sweetener] and honey,” Walsh told
  • Tom Daley Tom Daley Beans on toast are what keeps this flying merman afloat.
  • Lauren Jackson Lauren Jackson Lauren likes her Weet-Bix with light milk warmed in the microwave for two minutes. And instant coffee with light milk. Plus, lots of water. Instant coffee? Really? After three silver medals all we can say is: Go for the gold Lauren Jackson, GO. FOR. THE. GOLD!
  • Team Kazakhstan, particularly weightlifters and wrestlers Team Kazakhstan, particularly weightlifters and wrestlers Nothing like some fresh caviar & horsemeat sausages to get the blood pumping. At least that’s how team Kazakh does things when they compete. Guess they didn’t get England’s memo about the fresh blood sausage and bangers 'n' mash that are sure to be in supply at this year’s Games. I can hear Borat now: Wawaweewa!
  • Gabrielle 'Gabby' Douglas a.k.a 'Flying Squirrel' Gabrielle 'Gabby' Douglas a.k.a 'Flying Squirrel' Forget Redbull. Ever wonder how a flying squirrel gets its wings? YoCrunch Yogurt for breakfast, of course.
  • Bobby White Bobby White Forget the spam. Two scrambled egg whites with fruit juice for breakfast are more of this handy-man’s jam.
  • Janet Evans Janet Evans You can’t mess with the Janet Evans breakfast. Clearly the banana, egg whites and Metamucil diet have served her well over the past half a century as a competitive athlete.


Roof top film screening tonight!

Posted at 17:00, July 3, 2012 in Arts & Culture.

Popular movie blog Fil’m Hafızası is holding a terrific little event called fil’m@9, an open air film screening at 21.00 at a different bar each time (preferably at roof tops). Drinking, watching, critiquing, swaying to the DJ set that follows, it’s almost too good to be true. Tonight’s screening is at Zoe Teras. Admission is 20 TL, first drinks (domestic) are free. Stay tuned for more events, right now 2 more screenings are scheduled for July 9 (Hardal Teras) and July 18 (Ghetto Teras).

Here’s a list of the short films that will be shown tonight:

Hotel Chevalier (2007)
U.S.A | Wes Anderson | 13:13

Out of Forest (2009)
Denmark | Tobias Gundorff Boesen | 05:53

Leave Me (2009)
U.S.A | Dustin Ballard | 05:00

3×3 (2011)
Spain | Nuno Rocha | 05:50

Back to Solitude (2011)
German | Joschka Laukeninks | 05:18

Recycle Diary (2009)
Turkey| Efe Conker | 05:53

Useful (2011)
Belgium | Inti Calfat | 04:00

Mama (2008)
Spain | Sebastian Sarraute | 03:18

Zoe Teras, Yeni Çarşı Caddesi 38, Beyoğlu, (0212) 251 74 91

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